SF Gifts was established in 2012, and it all started after attending an office launch. For this special bunch quite close to my heart, I thought long and hard about a gift that would be right for the occasion. I eventually decided to take them a selection of my home baked treats, made from a few trusty recipes perfected over time. It was during the launch event that I discovered the sheer wonders that lovingly home baked treats could bring to those around in the form of small gatherings and little conversations.

SF Gifts is all about helping you celebrate occasions that are special to you with a heartfelt gift of a home baked treat. This gift will spark a few moments of comfort and joy, but will leave a lasting impression. We offer a range of classic teacakes and cookies that you may select from, and will help you package and deliver your gift with care. All our cakes are home baked from locally sourced fresh produce and ingredients.

SF Gifts is a family owned company (with the zeal and zest of four children as part of the extended team!). We hope you’ll have an enjoyable experience with us and we thank you very much in advance, for your support.