How to order

How do I submit an order?

All orders for cakes and cookies are now accepted via order forms, or via phone at
+65 9672 3157. You may download the order forms for both cakes and cookies here. These order forms should be printed, filled out and emailed back to sfgifts4@gmail.com.

How to pay

What are the methods of payment?

We currently only accept full payment by cash or cheque upon delivery to purchaser. Customers who request direct delivery to recipient(s) will be issued an invoice on the date of order. Customers will than be required to cross and make the cheque payable to “SF Gifts LLP” within 7 days (please indicate invoice # behind the cheque). Cheque should be mailed out to the address provided on the invoice.

Why do you not have online payment facilities?

We are a new business establishment in Singapore. We want to make our products available as soon as we can to be able to meet your demands and orders for Chinese New Year.

The good news is that we are in the process of developing e-commerce facilities to serve you better with a simpler, guided buying experience and to offer you more payment methods (e.g. by credit card). We will inform all our customers when those functionalities are ready and available.


Do you deliver out of Singapore?

No, SF Gifts does not deliver outside of Singapore at present.

What are the delivery conditions?

Kindly complete the Order Form with full details required and send it to sfgifts4@gmail.com. Alternatively just contact or text us at +65 9672 3157 if the order is simple.

Essential details for billing and delivery below:

  1. Full company name (if this is a corporate purchase)
  2. Your address (in full)
  3. Your email address * (we need this for correspondence and to and confirm your order)
  4. Contact details – mobile and/or office direct no.
  5. Recipient’s company name (if it is an office address)
  6. Recipient’s address (in full)
  7. Recipient’s contact details – mobile and/or office direct no.
  8. Preferred delivery date/time (you need to give 3 working days advance notice)

What if I do not receive an order confirmation via e-mail?

You will receive a confirmation email on the day of your order, or latest, by the next morning due to our tight schedules. If you do not hear from us, please contact us at +65 9672 3157 or write to us at sfgifts4@gmail.com.

Can I change my delivery address or delivery date of order?

Changes can be made to the delivery address or delivery date/time as long as you provide us 3 days advance notice on cake orders and as long as your order has not been delivered or is not on its way to being delivered. To request a change to delivery address/date, please text or email us with your name, order/invoice reference number as well as the new delivery details.

How do I confirm my order’s delivery date/time?

Once we receive your order request via e-mail or phone, we will generate an invoice via email with a summary of the delivery date/time.

Can I request for specific delivery date/time?

Yes, we need you to indicate your preferred delivery date and time in the order form(s) as requested. However, please note that we DO guarantee delivery of your order on your chosen date but DO NOT guarantee an exact time, due to circumstances not within our control (e.g. bad weather conditions, traffic etc.) We will always keep you informed of your order status by sms/mobile.

Can my order be delivered within the same day my order is placed?

All orders must be placed 3 days in advance. However we can review our kitchen schedules and provide you with the best and earliest available delivery option.

Do you deliver orders on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays?

Orders placed on weekends and public holidays are not guaranteed for delivery but you can state your request on the order form and email it to us. We will provide you with the confirmation of delivery date/time on the invoice.

What if there is a problem with the product or non-delivery?

If there is any problem in product quality or non-delivery of your order(s), you should email us within 24 hours of the delivery. We are not responsible for the non-delivery of orders caused by calamities (heavy rains, floods, major traffic jam during peak hours etc.)

How do I come to know my order is delivered fine?

SF Gifts guarantees that each order will be delivered on the confirmed date and time and an sms or email will be sent to you, confirming the delivery. If for any reason the order cannot be fulfilled on time, we will contact you as soon as our baker reports any delivery issues. We will do out utmost best to meet your delivery request. However we cannot guarantee the exact time of delivery.

What if my order is not delivered on my desired date?

In rare cases like these, we will inform you on your date of order or give 2 days advance notice so that you can make necessary arrangements to source your gifts elsewhere, as we only collect cash payment on delivery or on 7 days credit term from date of order.

What if recipient is not there at the given address?

If recipient is not there and there is no one to collect the delivery at his/her delivery address, the order will be considered as delivered. Second attempt to deliver this order will be chargeable at SGD10.

Rest assured, we will contact the purchaser if such problem arises to confirm the second delivery with an additional transport surcharge.


Do you do cake customization such as design/decorations with icing or fresh cream, creamy cakes or cupcakes (not shown on your website catalogue)?

Our vision is to help you find the most perfect, simple and outstanding baked products available in Singapore. We personally stand behind everything we offer, as our products are different, unique and tastes good with fresh fruity ingredients.

We feel extremely proud serving it in our own home to our kids, relatives and friends hope that you can do the same in your homes, or send them as a gift to someone else.

You must experience complete and total satisfaction with your purchase. Your joy and happiness is the purpose of our business.

When it comes to gift- giving, be different. A personal touch goes a long way and makes all the difference!

Are you able to create or customize special wrapping/package or create special cake bunting designs based on my requirements?

Our creations with a wide selection of wrapping styles, packaging, labels, ribbons and messaging tags have been beautifully designed with many colors to choose from. Please select your color theme or labels and we will match the rest for you.

Personalized Messaging

Can I send message along with the order?

We have fixed stamped messages on the jar tag and cake tag. Personal messages on an SF gift card can be done. You can either email us your personal messages or fill in the ‘Personalize Message’ box in the Order Form.

Your Privacy

How safe is my personal information?

SF Gifts does not rent or sell information they receive from the web orders or email registrations to third parties.

Our Products

Will my product look the same as shown in the catalogue?

No. The cake served on solid porcelain plates is not part of the gift set you will receive, but is our way to serve the cake presentably and beautifully. We provide silver/gold paper cake boards for all cakes.

Why are all your cakes in square shape?

All our cakes come in square boxes – they are fun, simple and most presentable. These square boxes make it convenient for recipients to open and enjoy the baked products immediately without destroying the gift. Our cakes, all-square, fit beautifully in these boxes, and are easily sliced evenly.

Order Cancellation

What if we wish to cancel the order?

If you wish to cancel the order, you can contact via phone or email at least
1 day in advance (24 hours) before the delivery date. The purchase will be billed accordingly if any order cancellations are made in less that 24 hours from the delivery date.