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I’ll be writing from time to time in this space to share about gifting, crafting, baking and more. I’ll also be sharing my recommendations on amazing gifting resources that I’ve found over the years.

Trusty, reliable resources are not easy to come by. A reliable resource means that I can make an order without having to go through catalogues, and with full confidence that the person will deliver something that has some thought put into it. The gift will ultimately make my receiver smile, feel appreciated and feel special in many ways.

Today, I’ll be sharing about my go-to resource for flowers – Eden Cottage. This is a company that I have used for the past 12 years. To get perfect and beautiful floral arrangements, I personally feel you need to know the florist well. Floral arrangement is a personal interest, which is probably why I set extremely high standards when it comes to floral gifts.

Eden Cottage never fails to lift my expectations – I think I know what good is, and then they always surprise me with something better! I truly believe they’ve come a long way, and have touched many hearts with their arrangements. I hope my humble florist at Eden Cottage will help you create the right impression with their spectacular arrangements of beautiful and fresh blooms.


Robert Neo – Eden Cottage
16 Raffles Quay #B1-07
Hong Leong building
Singapore 048581
(T) 6220 9629 (F) 62209682


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